Friday, March 19, 2010

I love me some chemical compounds...

Here's a long list of words that I deleted from the current podcast when it became waaaay too long. Plus I think it's easier to see it written out in this case:

IMINE a chemical compound
IMINO containing an imine (adj- no S)

AMIN (main, mina) amine (takes front hook of G)
AMINE a chemical compound (also takes front hook of G, F)
AMINO containing an amine united with a nonacid radical (adj- no S)
AMNIO  a surgical insertion of a needle into the uterus (takes back hooks N, S)

I unfortunately had to witness my wife getting an AMNIO (full name is amniocentesis) when she was pregnant with our first child. I don't recommend it.

AMMINE (immane) a type of chemical compound
AMMINO pertaining to ammine (adj- no S)

AMMONO containing ammonia (adj- no S)
AMMONIA (takes back hooks C, S)

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