Friday, August 8, 2014

New 3 letter scrabble words in the OSPD5/ OWL14

You've all likely heard of the four new 2 letter words: DA, GI, PO and TE- but I haven't seen a list of the new three letter words anywhere. Well fear not, dear readers: I've scrolled through the OSPD and made an attempt to glean all the new 3 letter words. My friend has verified that these are all in the new TWL- some I have had to guess at the definitions.  Thanks to those who have helped add ones I was missing! 

New 3 letter scrabble words:
AJI a type of chili pepper 
CAF a cafeteria or cafe 
CAL small calorie
CUZ a cousin  
DAS plural of da
DEP a convenience store
DOH do
DUM cooked with steam
ECO ecology 
EEW eeew, used to express disgust 
EMO emo rock 
EST a group technique for raising self awareness 
FAH fa
FOO a name for temporary computer files
GIF a computer file 
GIS plural of gi
GRR interj used to express annoyance 
HOM a sacred plant of the ancient Persians 
HOO expresses suprise (interj)
LAH la
LOR variant of lord
LUD a form of address to a judge in a court 
LUN a lee
MAM a mother 
MEH interj boring 
MES ???
MMM mm
MOI me- interj
MUX to transmit several messages simultaneously along a single channel 
NAV navigation
NUG a chunk of wood sawn from a log 
OCH used to express surprise or regret
OIK a very rude or stupid person
OMA grandmother 
OOF interj used to express discomfort 
OPA grandfather 
ORG organization 
OWT anything 
PAK pack
PHO Vietnamese soup
POS plural of po
REZ reservation (area of land)
ROO kangaroo 
RYU school of japanese martial arts
SAN a sanatorium 
SEV an Indian food of deep fried strands of flour 
SEZ ???
SHO former monetary unit of Tibet 
SIG an email signature 
SOC a sociology course
SOH sol
SUS to suss (figure out)
TEC tech 
TES plural of te
TIX tickets
TIZ tizzy 
TUM stomach 
UMS to pause in speaking 
UNI uniform/ university 
VIN French wine
VOG air pollution caused by volcano
XED to mark with an X
YAS an Asian pear
YER ??? (found on naspa website)
YEZ you 
WUZ ???


Roger Owen Green said...


scrabblepodcast said...

I've read that there's 66 new ones. So looks like I need help finding them! I'll keep looking.

hooscal said...

I've been working on this too. Here are the words you missed:


scrabblepodcast said...

Wow thank you so much! How did you go about finding them?

hooscal said...

You're very welcome. Thank you too.

Used the M-W Scrabble Finder page in Tournament Mode. Looked up A??, then B??, C??... and searched thru each list looking for new words.

hooscal said...

After doing all of that work, today I discover that the same site has already compiled word lists with the new words in them (i.e. not separated), which would have saved me a LOT of time. Shazbot!

They also have tons of bingo stems, QJXZ words, etc.

Unknown said...

Thanks for making the list. However, checked and found that the following DO NOT exist in the MW OSPD Fifth Edition: CAL, LOR, MES, SEZ, SHO, XED, YER, YEZ, WUZ.

scrabblepodcast said...

Hi! Yes, it is odd that they are not in the OSPD yet they are in the Official Word List, since I don't think any of those are offensive.

GK said...

I was using "mux" back in the 80's. As a noun it's short for multiplexer.