Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things I learned from club this week

1. Missed ACMOTTU to an H. Also forgot MAUT.
2. RURBAN is a cool word.
3. EINRRY? plays through an A.
4. CEEKNT? has one anagram.
5. OK, here's the big lesson: I lost the second game three times. Here's how:
    a) I had AEGNORS and thought S(MUTCH) was good but didn't know for sure.
    b) I didn't take long enough to find the one spot my opponent could play his Q for a bunch of points.
    c) I didn't find BREN as an outplay, the only one that would've won.
Had I done a, b, or c I would've won the game. Here's the question I have for you more experienced players:
So I held MUTCH when it was played, but luckily let it stay. Here's the board. So what should I have done? I had a slight suspicion that SMUTCH was good. But if I play my bingo and I'm wrong, I likely lose. I obviously end up blowing the game anyways, but can anyone come up with a strategic way to decide whether not to make the play?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Things I learned from club tonight...

1. ACHILRS has two anagrams. I could've played the second through an L on the board as a 2x2.

2. CEINPRT plays through only one consonant for an 8. Unfortunately, that consonant was on the board and I missed it.

3. DEKNRS? plays through a C two different ways, and through a D one way. Would've scored a lot more than DUNKERS.

4. I had both V's and both Y's on my rack at one point, which made me think of the word ZYZZYVA- interesting fact: there is only one other seven that contains a V and two Y's. (There are no words with all four.) I got to play NAVVY.

5. Missed YINCE and OOCYTE as plays again. I need to learn these words.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Things I learned from club last night...

Game one:

1. GOWD is good, I've reviewed it perhaps once, but didn't see it.

2. GORRA* isn't good, and I have no idea why I thought it might be. Just BEGORRA(H).

3. If you have a Z,G, and S, and there's an A to play through, you should play ZAG, not ZAS. Yep, I did that.

4. JAUP is the anagram of PUJA. Wasn't 100% on it.

5. Other than those mistakes, I made decent plays during the game- but lost 288-408. Sometimes things just don't go your way.

Game two:

1. BEEILNY plays through an R.

2. ISOPODAN is good. Though I played SADI(R)ONS instead of IS(OP)ODANS.

3. Sometimes when you have a really unlucky game, you get really lucky in the next game.