Sunday, August 21, 2011

-STONE extensions?

Saw this ad at the top of my gmail window, and wondered if any of these were good (in TWL):


Nope, they're not.

There are 78 front extensions, though- here's a few of the coolest:












...I haven't really done too many blog entries- I mostly do shorter iPhone-friendly entries these days on my Facebook page if you're interested.



Tuesday, August 2, 2011

9 Things learned from club last night

1. I make a lot of bad plays when I'm tired. (When I'm not tired, too, but more so when I've worked 11 hours.)

2. MUNCHY* still isn't good; can't believe I played it again (stayed on). HUBBED* isn't good, glad I challenged it off. HAJEE* isn't good, though I was pretty sure of that (challenged off). KHAN is good, haven't seen the HANK/ANKH card in a while. TOLENES* isn't good, I don't know why I even tried it (challenged off). And these were all in one game!

3. Chickened out on (UP)WAFT for 54. Darn.

4. Uh, NI isn't a word. Yeah, I let that one get by me.

5. ADINV?? plays to an M.

6. ECHE is good, haven't seen it enough to know it. (Had four E's and played ACHE, so it would have been useful.)

7. AAANRSU plays with a G on the board.

8. ACIMNRSU has two anagrams.

9. SANDELS* and SANDLES* are not the correct way to spell SANDALS. (there is a good word in there, though- are you reading, Saloma?)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Find the play... Words With Friends with Jsj1999 (sorry, I forget who is who according to their handle), and they spotted this amazing play:
Note: the board in this is actually set up as a scrabble board, not a WWF board, but the principle is the same...