Sunday, November 16, 2008

Episode 35

Episode 35 notes... leave a comment!

OVERING to leap above and to the other side of
PONGING to stink
QUIRING to arrange sheets of paper in sets of 24

BEDIZEN(S) to dress gaudily DIZEN to dress in fine clothes

OVARIOLE one of the tubes of which the ovaries of most insects are composed

word list: ending with V
PERV pervert
SHIV a knife
SPIV a petty criminal
GANEV a thief (alt spelling GANEF)
SCHAV a chilled soup (russian gazpacho?)
IMPROV improvisation
MAGLEV a train using magnets to move about the tracks (magnetic levitation)
MOSHAV a cooperative settlment of small farms in Israel MOSHAVIM

Friday, November 7, 2008

Episode 34 notes

Thanks for listening! These are show notes to The Weekly Scrabbler, in case you've stumbled across the site.

LIMNING to depict by painting or drawing
LIMNETIC/LIMNIC pertaining to the open water of a lake or pond

MOGGING to move away

NURLING to KNURL (K front hook) to make grooves or ridges in

MIRZA a persian title of honor

MONGO MONGOE MUNGO(S)(ES) a low quality wool

WIRRA used to express sorrow

BATTU BATT a sheet of cotton BATTU pertaining to a ballet movement (no s)
CENTU/ CENTAI pl of CENTAS monetary unit of lithuania
CORNU hornlike bone formation CORNUA pl. CORNUAL
FONDU a dish of melted cheese
HAIKU HAIK an outer garment worn by arabs
PAREU a polynesian garment
TENDU an asian ebony tree
VERTU VIRTU a love or taste for the fine arts

CILICES a coarse cloth
PEMPHIX a skin disease