Friday, August 22, 2014

The best place to learn about OSPD5 errata/ omissions, etc

The folks who run the Seattle Scrabble Club are on top of things. Check this link out for what is probably the best place on the web to find lists of newly added words, which ones are omitted from the OSPD (but are valid in tournament play), etc. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Scrabble, distilled, and different levels of frustration

If I had to break scrabble play down to its essential elements, I think it would end up being these three things: 

1. Knowing the words. 
2. Finding the aforementioned words on your rack. 
3. Finding the best place on the board to play them. 

The first one is easy to amend; you just study more words. If I miss playing a word that I didn't know, well, I can't get too mad at myself. 

Number two is a little trickier. It involves the letters on your rack as well as playing through letters on the board. When I miss seeing a word that I know, because I fail to anagram it, then I get a little mad at myself. 

The last one is the toughest, and for me, can be the most aggravating. Say for example, I have the word CALX among the letters on my rack; but I don see anywhere on the board I can play it. I end up making a subpar play of AX, only to realize that I forgot I could add an X to the end of JIN. Well, 'forgot' is the wrong word. I just missed it. And that makes me really mad at myself. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


So two times in the past week I've found DEEENTV on my rack- but it's only playable in the international scrabble lexicon (hence the # symbol). There is, however, one 8 letter word you can make in TWL by adding an I. Know it?

Missed bingo OTD: AEISTTU

Sometimes a perfectly normal word will still stump me, either because I keep trying to put one letter in the same spot (S at the end), or because it's just enough out of my probability range as far as studying (two Ts and a U will do that). On the bright side, it wasn't playable. But I knew I was missing something. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Things I learned at club

1. Remember to double your opening play. Yeah. That happened. (And the game ended up being a tie)
2. INOORZ? contains a bingo. Plus two 8s! Darn it. 
3. PENCE takes an S front hook

Finding front extensions using Zyzzyva

Just one reason why Zyzzyva is so great: say, someone plays WIGS and you're wondering, what could I have put in front of that? Well, by using the @ sign along with a pattern search, Voila! You realize you had PERI on your rack. Darn it.