Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Episode 38 Notes

Happy New Year!
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CHRISMAL: CHRISM a consecrated oil

GAD(S) (DAG) to roam about restlessly EGAD(S) mild oath GADI a footstool

DHOOLY DOOLEE DOOLIE DOOLY a stretcher for the sick or wounded

EVZONE a Greek soldier

SCAPEGRACE a ne'er-do-well

XEROXING to copy on a xerographic copier
YERKING to beat vigorously (RYKE- to reach)
ZINC(K)ING to coat with zinc

NIOBOUS NIOBIUM a metallic element
GJETOST a hard brown cheese

ideas for next year?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Episode 37 notes

This weeks poll: What word is a phony that you think should be good? ROOBOIS* is my nomination. Not sure why this type of tea isn't good. Is it capitalized?

(ed. note: listener Matt clued me in that it should be ROOIBOS#- it's good in SOWPODS!)

HAVIOR behavior
PAVIOR a paver
SAVIOR one that saves

-ING words:
UNBEING to cease to have being
VATTING to put into a vat
WANKING not sure (but not in the OSPD) (ed. note #2: never mind! I know what it means now!)

SVARAJ self govt. in british india
SWARAJ (alt spelling) (ed. note #3:Listener Matt also pointed out that this can be extended into SWARAJISM and SWARAJIST!)

OSE an ESKER /ESKAR (narrow ridge of gravel and sand)(anagram: OES)

extension: CHAWBACON

KWACHAS $ of malawi and zambia