Helpful Links

Zyzzyva  "the last word in word study"; and the only program used to officially judge scrabble tourneys.

Quackle  the best way to analyze your games. it's the computer program no one can beat.

Facebook Fan Page  join millions of others 'liking' the podcast on facebook! OK, actually only about 80.

Internet Scrabble Club  the best site to play others on. strangely, based out of Romania. Should you join, add me to your buddies list; my handle is 'podcaster'.

Seattle Scrabble Club has one of the most exhaustive lists of study tools you can find. where I go to find pronunciations- yes, I do look up pronunciations. most of the time.

OSPD text this is a cool way to find words by their definitions: it's a text document, and you can use the 'find' function to look for certain words.

Stem/ Anamonic finder  click on this one if you know what an 'anamonic' is. or, if you don't, I suppose. is a great site if you're searching for words. You can quickly choose which dictionary you're playing with and enter the letters you need to find words for.

Scrabble Word Finder is also a great page for looking up words. has a lot of useful links to various scrabble-related sites.