Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Things (re)learned at club last night

I should have gone 5-0, but ended up 3-2 due to the following errors:
1. Didn't challenge JOISTERS*
2. In the same game, when it came down to the endgame, I held both of the last U's and I's. Opponent has Q and Z on rack. He plays (FA)KIR down to the TWS row. I proceed to play NOI(R), WITH THE TRIPLE LETTER SCORE SPACE BETWEEN TWO I'S!!! I think I still had a chance to Z-stick him after that, but I was so mad at myself, I blew that too.
3. In another game, I saw a spot for my out play of GEE/ET, then proceeded to miss it on the very next turn (he blocked another spot which made me think it was the only one). My only defense on this one is that I was playing two games at once, hadn't tracked and was not 100% focused. But annoying nonetheless.
4. There is a good word in DOORMANS*.
That is all.

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