Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Almost awesome.

My brother, cousin and I have an inside joke we use when we play disc golf and a shot goes nearly perfect- we say "that was almost awesome". Of course, often in disc golf, the difference between an awesome shot and an almost awesome one is the presence of a large tree.

Picture this: one of us launches a flying disc into the air, it soars in a perfect arc, heading directly towards the target... until CLUNK it slams in a large branch and drops straight to the earth. One of us dryly states, "that was almost awesome."  This reminds me a lot of scrabble.

How often do you have that near-perfect rack for a bingo, where you think to yourself 'if only that (insert letter here) was a (insert letter here), I'd be able to play (insert ultra-low probability word here)!' Now part of this, of course, is just the discipline of seeing possible plays, and is bound to happen. 

Along these lines, I thought I would take a play from club last night where I would have had such a play if my rack was one letter different. Except in the magical world of annotated games, I decided to actually give myself the correct rack. See if you can find the play here.

And while your at it, feel free to add your own almost awesome tales.

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