Monday, September 15, 2008

Episode 30(!) notes

This week's poll question: Is there a one syllable bingo that stumps you? Leave a comment.

definitions from the podcast:

ANTIAIR directed against attacking aircraft (no -S)
ANTIAR an arrow poison
ARENITE (are-ah-nite) rock made up chiefly of sand grains
NITERIE (NITERY) a nightclub

other high probability bingos:

JQXZ words:

DIXIT a statement
FIXIT involved with fixing things (takes Y) also, FIXT
JEZAIL type of firearm

-ING words (you may not know):

ANELING from ANELE to anoint
BORKING to attack a candidate in the media
CLEPING from CLEPE to call by a name (Y)CLEPED

FORINT a monetary unit of hungary

CIS having certain atoms on the same side of the molecule
COS a variety of lettuce -ES
DIS to insult or criticize
JUS a legal right JURA
KOS a land measurement in India
RAS an Ethiopian prince -ES
VAS an anatomical duct VASA
VIS force or power VIRES
WIS to know WIST....also takes an I front hook for IWIS!

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scrabblepodcast said...

Ah, apparently I forgot the obvious word WAS. Thanks to listener Trevor.